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THE Shepherd's Robe


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Everyday cozy-sexy.

Celebrate the marriage of two-and-a-half hammam towels, and what do you get?
Made from the same ultra-soft, durable material as our classic, THE Shepherd's Towel, we’re practically living in this robe.

THE Shepherd's Robe is a lightweight, easy-to-move-around-in bathrobe to accompany you through the bests and the worsts of your everyday. Whether you are enjoying the beach or the sauna; working from home; relaxing on the couch; cooking a meal; running after children; or dancing in circles at a summer music festival… this light and comfortable robe won't get in your way. It's warm, so you can wear it the winter long. It's breathable, so you'll never overheat.

Find us using ours as attention-grabbing overcoats at parties in Berlin.

100% cotton


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100% cotton


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